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Posted on July 15, 2011


Vorarephilia (commonly shortened to Vore) is a fetish where arousal is acheived through fantasizing about being eaten, eating another, observing this process, or by the general process of eating. Generally the person being eaten is swallowed whole and is still alive through the digestive process. Generally there is no pain associated with being eaten.

Hard Vore does involve pain and aspects of violence. In Hard Vore the eater tears at the flesh of his victim, deliberately keeping them alive through the process. Since the practice of Vore is largely impossible most of it’s practitioners write stories, draw pictures and comics, and role play through the internet.

Vore crosses with a lot of other fetish communities. Along with macro and microphilia (giants and tiny people), the Furry community (Sexualization of anthropomorphic animals) and the  Crush Fetish community often enjoy Vore. As this is not a common fetish and it exists largely below the radar, the different roles in Vore haven’t been named. It is common to call them the hunter or the prey. For continuity I will refer to them as such in this article.

The prey gains enjoyment by being completely controlled and ingested. Written fiction involving Vore often describes the act of entering the hunters body as being safe and warm and enjoy being totally consumed by their partner’s lust. Sometimes they are eaten against their will but more often they are willing participants. It is common for the eaten subject to crawl into their hunter’s mouth, anus, penis, or other orifice on their own.

For the hunter, a Vore fetish is usually related to sexual power-struggles. The eater wants to dominate their prey completely and ingestion is the ultimate form of control. Sometimes the prey is inserted via an orifice other than the mouth. Add to that the obvious pleasure associated with sounding (penile insertion) and anal penetration and you have a full sensory experience.

Often the eater will imagine himself growing to giant proportions. Sometimes only the body part ingesting the eaten partner will grow. Alternately they may imagine their prey shrinking to facilitate the act. The vore community being largely heterosexual males, often the hunter will be a giant woman, hell bent on devouring every living thing is sight. Illustrated vore will often depict men in the palm of these giant women, horrified at the prospect of being eaten.

For a Hard Vore fetishist cannibalism, generally the imagining of, will be the primary focus of the fantasy. This is not to be confused with necrophilia. The prey is alive during the eating process. Of course the prey usually is dead by the end of the process, but why split hairs? Since the implication is that anything that a person eats would be dead or become dead, vorephiliacs are often accused of harboring necrophilic desires. Word to the wise; They don’t like that at all. In fact, they often will claim not to understand how you made the correlation. It is best to avoid the issue. Since practitioners of vore only get to practice their fetish through fantasy it is harmless.

That brings us to “real vore.” Every community has its extremes. You may have thought that hard vore was as far as the fetish could go, but reality always takes precedence. Real vore fans are aroused by images of snakes swallowing their food whole and animals hunting down prey.

The image to your left was not found on a nature site, but was one of hundreds of images curated by a community of vore fans at Vore.net. For some, the thrill of vore can only be captured by seeing real hunters devour prey.

Images of animals eating are just the tip of the iceberg. Real vore sexualizes the hunt. Watching an animal stalk its prey, imagining yourself taking part in the chase and finally immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of tearing flesh from bone.

Maybe it is a harkening back to man’s primal roots. Though I don’t think our troglodyte ancestors ever tackled a boar and tore into its stomach with their teeth. More likely is the theory that vore sits at the nexus of our cultures obsessions with sex and violence. While that may explain hard vore and real vore it does nothing to explain the larger community of soft vore fanatics.

While vore is a rare fetish it flourishes on the web. Some good sources of vore are Voreville, Vore.net, Aryion, and Gurochan. If you need to know more about vore I would suggest checking in with one of their forums. After a week of perusing vore forums I am largely stumped. It is a testament to the importance of the internet that people with varied interests can find a safe haven to live out their fantasies.

If you need help living out your fantasies and need advice, or if you have a fetish that confounds you, feel free to email me at pornopaycheck@gmail.com, Perhaps you could be the inspiration for next weeks Fetish Friday. As always you can check in on me at twitter where I try desperately to be funny while bitching about my life.

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